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01 - Dreamtime, Unlimited Vision

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

this opal is the Dreamtime or Unlimited Vision and connects you to the earth star chakra and to the aboriginal ancient culture of dreaming;

aborigines are possibly the oldest race on earth and live totally in harmony with and respect for nature;

stories are told remembering ancestors and spirits and how we are all connected with everything natural on this earth; from ants to whales, rivers to oceans, and sand to mountains;

the dreamtime bottle connects us to the earth safely in the copper and the dreaming in the milky opaque opal in the top fraction;

when you are at home in your body, feeling safe, grounded and fully aligned within yourself in the now moment, you can daydream and magnetise all that you need and desire into matter;

the milky opal floats on top of the grounding copper allowing your dreams to be infinite and limitless, knowing that the rainbow universe is inside of you just waiting to be expressed;

release any resistance that keeps you small or stuck and do not underestimate yourself or the power of the universe; and give thanks for all the wonders that already exist in your world;

when you remember that everything on the earth and in the universe is connected by energy, you can be your own magnet for positive change.


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