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06 Fire Walk, Initiation

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

you are ready to do a fire walk, real or symbolic if you have chosen this bottle;

in ancient Egypt,at various key points in a souls journey on earth, there were initiations to undergo; rites of passage, to mark the end of a phase or a coming of age, and a beginning of a new one;

this fiery gold in the top fraction stimulates your base and sacral chakra and gives you the courage to take that step; to face your fears and do it anyway; it also offers protection against danger;

this fire opal energy or 'firmament stone' frequency awakens one passion from bodily desires to spiritual ecstasy; it assists in awakening one's chi and can facilitie activating the kundalini energy;

the shimmering indigo in the bottom comforts you in the knowledge that you have experienced many lifetimes of initiations and trials, always coming out the other side stronger for the it; when you trust your third eye intuition and inner knowing, you are safe;

the initiation bottle reminds you that as a soul you have already signed up for the trials so that you may evolve to be stronger, braver, wiser and whole; this is not mind over matter, this is spirit over matter; this is testing your mettle / metal so you may alchemise into your gold;

maybe you have just come through an ordeal - if so, this bottle will reward you in transmuting that experience to wisdom and wrap you in indigo blanket of safety having successfully come through it;

if you are the midst of a trial or ordeal right now, these energies will keep you on the right track with courage and perseverance;

or maybe you are about to embark on a fire walk, taking that first leap of faith and courage, this bottle says 'be your own warrior' and 'be your own teacher';

when you have completed a difficult phase and come out the other side intact you are able to look back with a certain sense of achievement and gratitude of having mastered your fears and look forward to an exciting new time of exploration and experience.


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