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2020 ~ An Extraordinary Time

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Aren't we are living through amazing times on the planet just now!

The Earth is tired and we have been placed into hibernation. You can see this as an enormous curse and burden or a marvellous opportunity.

People are literally having to go within ~ to search inside themselves for a new truth.

Will you seek the light? or continue along the uncomfortable wheel you have grown comfortable with?

In Colour Mirrors, bottle 20 is called Awakening. This year represents a chance for a mass awakening ~ 20 20 vision. This is when individuals who have felt out of alignment with their life, themselves, have a chance to clear on these energies and change their reality.

2020 reduces to 4 which is bottle Uranus in the Colour Mirrors system. This is the planet of chaos and disruption. When everything you've ever known is turned on its head, to create change and out of the chaos comes a fresh new beginning. It is also a time to clear the fear and release buried emotions to make way for the new. A chance to live life in a whole new way.

We are all experiencing this now, one way of another. How you choose to respond us up to you...


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