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about helen

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*i am a woman who at times acts as a holistic practitioner 

*colour mirrors practitioner & teacher

*usui reiki master with colour

*eft ~ emotional freedom technique ~ tapping 

*numerology with colour mirrors

*ITEC Holistic Aromatherapy & Massage

i discovered the magical energy of colours over 25 years ago while exploring the corporate life of sales, hospitality, travel and teaching;


along the way, I continuously studied the complementary and spiritual worlds; like many, I faced many personal challenges, which culminated one day in a stroke at the age of 42;

having explored all sorts of therapies and methods for personal growth, nothing compared to the most joyous and magically powerful clearing effects of the frequency and vibration of the colours.

through the colours you can identify where you are creating your own limiting reality through negative programming from the past - usually childhood experiences and traumas; you can see where you are replaying the auto response negative emotion/s over and over, and attracting similar triggers until finally you are ready to change; your body will send you messages until you eventually have to pay attention and  begin the process of change;

once you appreciate that everything in the universe is energy and vibration, you can take back responsibility, which is only the ability to respond, for creating your own reality reflection;

thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic ('energy in motion') - so what we put out comes back to us; simple as that...

dis-ease manifests as a result of stress and negative programming; clear the program, clear the dis-ease; the body expresses as a metaphor externally what is in turmoil within the heart, soul and psyche;

if we ignore the mental and emotional underlying causes of our distress, our bodies will increasingly manifest and show us that there is something wrong until we have to take note...

the colours help us to clean and clear our old programming to reconnect and open our heart and soul to live in true alignment with ourselves; once we realise that we are whole as we are, and have real gratitude for everything in the now, we can manifest all the joy, health, love and abundance we could ever desire and live life fully present.

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i am proud to be a part of this fab alliance - bringing together a united group of practitioners to provide an inclusive and holistic service to everyone;

the people's health alliance

"everything is energy and that's all there is to it; match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality; it can be no other way; this is not philosophy - this is physics." - albert einstein

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