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what is numerology?

everything in the 'you-niverse' is energy;

in the beginning there was light and we are light beings, reflected light - "hue-man" means shades/colours of man;

and the entire universe is made up of patterns, sacred geometry, ie numbers, each containing a unique pattern, vibration, or frequency;

the building blocks of life are represented by shapes and numbers with special meanings;

platonic solids.png

so too do the numbers have energy and meaning - to give you an idea...

thinking logically you begin with one -

1  - sun - the singular - independent, a leader, solitary, pioneering, it's all about me

2 - moon - partnership, collaboration, duality, opposites, relationships, feelings

3 - jupiter - moving on from 2 - expansion, creation, reproduction, 

4 - uranus - think of four sides - a square - stability, foundation, root, home, security, flip side is unexpected chaos, instability and upheaval, change for the greater good, revolution

5 - mercury - communication, fluid, flexible, adaptable, quicksilver, heart

6 - venus - love and service, 

7 - neptune - spiritual, psychic, intuitive, deceptive, illusory, escapist

8 - saturn - karmic, structure, discipline, institutions, slow and steady, restrictive or abundant

9 - mars - passion, fire, awakening, action, completion


your date of birth carries a blueprint - a signature that is a guiding light to your life;

it expresses the challenges which you have chosen to face this time around, which once mastered become your gift to the world... 

knowing your numerology in colour can assist you to innerstand your journey and how to master your personal vibration to ease your passage and learn to thrive rather than just survive...

the colours add another dimension to the picture; a great way to get to know yours is to have the life path colour numerology report with a one to one session with me to explain in detail the underlying meanings for you on your journey;

the colour numerology reports make a beautiful gift for a loved one too;

if you are curious about your number energies - contact me to treat yourself to a beautiful colour numerology report

for example the bottles below are for the birth date 26 / 2 / 1965 = 26 / 2 / 31/4

26 = partnerships

2 = the moon

31 = the hermit

4 = uranus

26 Partnerships.jpg
2. The Moon
31 Hermit.jpg
4 Uranus.jpg
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