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what is usui reiki with colour?

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'rei' which means “god's wisdom or higher power” and 'ki' which is “life force energy"; 


reiki, then, means “spiritually-guided life force energy";

during reiki, the practitioner channels positive universal life force energy into the meridians or energy lines of the client; 

this powerful flow of positive energy can bring about deep relaxation, relieve stress, tiredness and pain as it clears blocks and negative energy stored, or stuck in the body;

it is the recipient who chooses to receive the healing energy and the practitioner is simply a channel for transmitting the energy to where it is needed in the body's energy field;

with the added powerful clearing frequencies of the colour mirror bottles resonating with the individual, this is a deeply relaxing and clearing treatment, often inducing profound insights.


"physician, heal thyself" ~ proverb from gospel of luke. generally meaning one can only be 'healed', if one wants to be 'healed'.

"If you want to do one thing to begin to understand yourself on a deeper level, then you must have a Colour Mirrors session with Helen. Everything was beautifully explained and the location was incredible – a place of calm and serenity. I re-discovered those things that I knew I had to work on and the fact that the session brought that to the forefront blew my mind. It reminded me of who I am. Something that many of us have forgotten for so long. Working with Helen has definitely helped me on the journey to stop the self-sabotage and focus on the self-love and slowly things are falling into place as they should be.

 After the colour session i went straight into a reiki session with Helen, where I felt very relaxed and where all the stresses of the world were being relieved. During this, I also had some profound downloads being told that I am loved and to focus on self-love.

A magical experience overall, will recommend time and time again!" Hari, Berks

To book a reiki with colour session, click here

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