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interactive colour sessions

are you ready to live a more colourful, abundant and fun life using the psychology of colour? go on a journey of self discovery through this powerful and interactive session

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whether you’re ​feeling stuck, or have health, money, relationship or other issues, there are various interactive ways we can explore what is under the surface of your emotions and patterns

simply by choosing the colour mirror bottles you’re most drawn too, we’ll discover how you may be sub-conciously sabotaging love, health, happiness and abundance in your life and be able to help clear negative patterns; we’ll reveal your true colours to support you to live a more colourful, abundant and fun life 

each session takes place in my traditional gypsy caravan in beautiful, secluded gardens in Surrey or anywhere online via Zoom; if you prefer to have a session remotely, the colours will still communicate and work their magic as distance makes no difference to energy


donations in exchange for service


  • 1 hour session - £75 

  • 1 hour session with a personal Colour Mirror bottle to take home with you - £115 

  • 2 hour session - benefit from a double session combining treatments to allow you to explore more deeply what’s coming up for you in your reality reflection; for example a colour with EFT session followed by wonderfully relaxing reiki with colour PRICE?????

healing the self is a process and a journey, to assist with this I offer reduced donation amounts for double sessions and block bookings that can include a combination of treatments

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i had an absolutely fascinating colour session with helen about branding my new business; the colour mirrors are so interesting and insightful; helen made the session fun and was great at explaining everything; idiscovered so much more about myself and my business than I was expecting too! highly recommended

jen t, surrey

"don't die with the music still in you"

dr w. dyer

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