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29. Grace under Pressure

29. Grace under Pressure


deep turquoise / deep magenta
this vibration carries the heaviest lessons of all; this is the path of the master; you will only do life in this way if you have chosen a path of accelerated healing and learning; this is the choice of the olympic spiritual athlete; the way has been immeasurably difficult, but the outcome will be as magnificent as the journey was hard; only those who are serious about their spiritual service and their journey towards the light will choose this path; you are back to help humanity so that it does not make the same mistakes again; clear the past, which is based on self-judgement, and release yourself; it is time to turn the corner, stop the suffering and reap the rewards of this incredible journey; your higher self and your angels know who you are, and you are deeply loved and supported; honour yourself for your choices; this has been a difficult path, as you have had to lose everything to gain everything and more; step into grace; all the debts are paid and you are free.


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