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34. Whale

34. Whale


pale turquoise / blue
when you choose this bottle it signifies that the difficulties are coming to an end; it is a fresh start and the birth of something new and precious; there may even be something of a surprise in store; these colours are about a shift in consciousness where you are asked to finally have complete faith that you are on purpose, in line with the greater will and perfectly on track; it is time to take stock of the past and only take with you that which will serve you in the future; there is no time for blaming or resenting; if you open instead to gratitude, this will activate your higher heart centre and connect you to the information and wisdom of everything that exists; turquoise is faith and blue is peace, and in these colours you can find all the answers to follow your true calling with ease and grace; at the time this bottle was created, melissie saw a baby whale being born so close to her that she could have touched it.


*donation in exchange for goods received with thanks

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