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5. Mercury

5. Mercury


green / pale green
this bottle links to Gemini: movement, communication and versatility; it relates to those who are mercurial and quick-minded, with a sense of feeling that is swifter than logic; begin to be the magician; the old pattern of being the trickster no longer serves you; all has to be upfront and clear in your dealings; the number five relates to issues of discipline and freedom, and the colour green signifies change and new beginnings; this bottle is about letting go of all the masks: everything you have used to hide behind has to be removed; the truth about your magnificence has to be told clearly, and if any part of you still wants to hide, it will make life quite difficult; the answer to the dilemma that this bottle presents is to be constantly aware of what makes you feel small and change that; this is your time; you can only be free by being honest with yourself.


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