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G10. Impeccability

G10. Impeccability


pale gold / blue lilac
impeccability means accepting and honouring every aspect of who you are and being clear and honest about both your shadow and your light; it is not about living up to a false standard of perfection, rather it is about seeing the perfection that already exists - in yourself, in others and the world; the colour blue-lilac is about communication (blue) from your spirit (lilac); it asks you to be vigilant with your words and speak with incredible integrity because you hold the power to manifest whatever you say; when you are impeccable, words can no longer be used as weapons or instruments of manipulation; instead they become vehicles for love and connection; this bottle relates to the masculine side of creation and asks you to make peace with the masculine side of yourself and the males in your life; it takes you into a space of silence, simplicity and deep inner stillness from which you can access the voice of inspiration.


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