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G23 Acceptance

G23 Acceptance


clear / pale coral
with this bottle you connect to the innocent joy of being yourself, without pretence or apology; this is the level of acceptance that brings true peace and freedom; coral takes you into yourself in the deepest, most intimate way; you are asked now to claim every single thing ‘out there’ as an aspect of yourself, to accept that you are god, earth and everything in existence and that your physical form is, in a very real way, divine; true self-acceptance is a powerful key. It unlocks the flow and abundance of the universe and offers you the joy of a life lived to the full as a human being who also happens to be divine light; this bottle paves the way for true acceptance of yourself exactly as you are and life exactly as it is – and invites you to love every bit of it.


*donation in exchange for goods received with thanks

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