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G25. Integration

G25. Integration


pale coral / pale coral
if you have been on a steep learning curve or going through an intense time of personal or spiritual growth, this bottle helps you integrate what you have learned and experienced; more than this, however, it asks you to integrate all the many aspects of yourself, from your personality to your spirit, from your shadow to your light; it is time to accept and honour the whole of you;

you are a divine human on earth, and this bottle shows you that divine and human and earth are all one thing; this bottle is coral all the way through, asking you to take in the messages of coral on both a conscious and subconscious level; coral is made up of the pink of unconditional love and the yellow of unconditional joy, which together create a powerful vision for you as an individual and for a new reality on the earth; this bottle helps you integrate it all; it calls you to step into deep, unconditional self-acceptance and move steadily towards fulfilling your destiny as a conscious divine human on the earth.


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