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G29. Children of the Light

G29. Children of the Light


silver / turquoise
this bottle is for anyone who has ever found life on earth a challenge, struggled to express who they are or felt a deep inner yearning for ‘home’; the colours remind you to connect with the light of the stars and the light in your heart as a way to finally live a blessed life, right here on earth; this bottle takes you beyond the need for emotional dramas, helping you instead to allow, feel and express your feelings in the lightest, clearest and most genuine way; the turquoise in this bottle supports you in accepting all aspects of yourself with total trust, and the silver connects you with all that you have been and are still to become;

this bottle is for you – a star child who brought your light to earth specifically so that you could assist the earth and humanity in raising their frequency; feel the earth's gratitude for all that you do and all that you are and the blessings of the stars who hold you in their love; the soft, gentle light of this bottle perfectly mirrors the energy of peace and loving-kindness that will create a new reality on earth; this bottle links you to the light of heaven and your role in helping pave the way to a bright and beautiful future for all on the planet.


*donation in exchange for goods received with thanks

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