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G36. Love Anchor

G36. Love Anchor


coral/deep magenta
this bottle relates to the coral gaias, which were created to remind you that you are a divine being having a human experience; it is only because you have chosen to experience life in a body that you can be part of the creation of a new reality on the earth – a true heaven on earth; heaven has never been a place ‘out there’, it has always been about a journey into the heart, which is the gateway to divine love; the rich, sumptuous colours of this bottle remind you that love is all that exist; here is true deep love on all levels: the unconditional self-love of coral supported by the divine love of magenta;

the number 36 reduces to 9, so this bottle is about completion and the end of a cycle; you now have the potential for exciting and extraordinary new beginnings as you merge your human self with your divine self; move forward now into a new era where everything rests on, is created from and returns to divine love; let your journey as a divine human become one of joy, magic and creativity; surrender into love and come home.


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