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i am melchizedek, the ancient one; i am from your past and also your future; i am pure love and pure light; i am clarity and compassion; i judge nothing and no one; when you stand in my light, you can see as I see; you can see the perfection of creation and release all judgement;
what I teach and what I hold and what I ask of you, more than anything, is to give up judging; the many, many lifetimes you have lived have all been to help you release judgement; let it go now; you have never been better or worse than any other part of creation; it has always been perfect and so have you; i teach love and light and perfection, and there is no judgement in that;
ashtar is the melchizedek energy of the future; those of you who have come from the future to be here now for this time have worked with this teaching in atlantis and on the star system you came from; it has always been the same energy, and for those who feel an instant connection with colour mirrors and a sense of coming home, this is the energy you recognise; i am grateful to be of service through this system and I thank you for honouring its call.


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