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moldavite, like the stone it is named after, takes us beyond our human senses into a much more fluid, expanded universe; it opens us to the mystery of life beyond what we know with our mind and aligns us with the cosmic light we carry within; moldavite transforms and transmutes, making it excellent for clearing and cleansing discordant energies; it also allows buried emotions to arise so that they too may be transmuted; it is also a great detoxifier, assisting us in shifting out old stagnant energy to allow for something much more resonant with who we truly are; moldavite allows reconnection to our inner knowledge throughout all time and space; this essence supports us in awakening to higher consciousness, connecting us with “all that is” and always has been; used together with black dragon and silver this essence powerfully and swiftly dissolves discordant energies.


*donation in exchange for goods recieved with thanks 

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