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Rose Gold

Rose Gold


this essence awakens your connection to the being we call the ‘rose gold lady’: the total embodiment of love, the divine mother of the divine; her message is that the only real power in the universe is love; in the first moments of your life on earth your superpower is love; a baby needs love and nurturing to survive; as humans we need love and connection to thrive; when you truly connect with your highest aspect it comes in waves of love; to know the love of the divine mother is to know and receive pure abundance and joy; to experience her love in its fullness is to come home; this sweet-smelling delight of an essence clears your space and your energy field of anything that runs counter to love; it brings cohesion when you have been shattered by shock, healing when you have been blasted by trauma and softness when your nerves have been frayed; use it and know that you are never alone, you are on track and you are always loved and supported; let yourself be held, and watch with awe as the next steps on your journey unfold.


*donation in exchange of goods received with thanks

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