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this essence makes the energy of the divine very real, connecting you with the golden divine light you hold within; it helps you release old programs carried in your dna and integrate the many new frequencies of energy now streaming onto the earth; it takes you deeper into your authentic power and lets every cell in your body know that the only real power on the planet – and throughout the universe – is love; there truly is nothing else; enlightenment is simply living as love in every moment; this is the truth that yeshua embodied, which enabled him to become a christ, a divine being of love; this essence reminds you of your commitment at this time to learn how to be love and nothing but love; this is the process and the journey, and this essence will light your way; you are here to help take the planet into the golden age, and with yeshua’s vast and unlimited support, you can do it.


*donation in exchange of goods received with thanks

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