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enlightenment through colour

i: a woman: helen; specialise in colour mirrors and can help you transform your life through personal growth, self discovery and spiritual development.

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the world is changing - Gaia is demanding we wake up to ourselves - the collective is ready to awaken from its slumber and the world is ready to heal;

 how do we do this?     to heal the world ~ heal yourself;


your reality is a reflection of you -  so whatever you are experiencing right now is perfect for your growth  and your evolution  as a high vibrational soul having a human experience.

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 the long shadows that have been cast over centuries are demanding to be looked at -  it is time to shine a light onto all the dark programs and patterns that have kept you enslaved;  when you shine your light onto your shadows, they lose their power ~ you reclaim your sovereignty ~  stand in your power ~  shine your light,  then you will feel freedom in your mind  and joy  in your heart and peace in your soul;  you will be in alignment with Gaia and the laws of nature that are the only laws that are truly demanded of us ~ to live in harmony and alignment with nature and fellow mankind;


 duality only exists out there because it exists in you; if you are triggered by external events, you are being forced to look within; if you see division and separation,  it is because it exists in you;  when you integrate the shadow sides of your consciousness you come into alignment with yourself ~ which means accepting all of who you are, you arrive at peace;


 the answer is love;        what are the questions?


 i can help you to uncover the shadows that have been locked inside of you and causing you to veer off path or get sick;  with the magic of colour - you are ready to hold a mirror up to your soul  to assist you in revealing  the emotions that are stuck,  that cast shadows on your life, so you may  feel them one last time to heal;

if you are experiencing negative life experiences 'out there', such as poverty consciousness, unhealthy relationships, fear and bullying, or ill health, it is because you have buried or blocked emotions within you; once you release these stuck programs from your body, you can begin to heal and come into alignment with your true self and live a joyful and abundant life.

"one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious" ~ c.g. jung

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when you come into alignment with your soul, accepting your self wholly, you stand in your authenticity you can achieve miracles and abundance, joy and peace; you not only change your reality but you change the world and humanity; it has never been as important as now;


let me help you - through the colours your soul chooses i act as interpreter for the conversation you want to have with yourself;


adding reiki and tapping into the mix - assists and makes the process of clearing more powerful and effective;


are you ready to take the journey?

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"if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

nikola tesla

contact me to find out more...

thank you! i will respond within 24 hours

Rachel G from Hampshire

"My experience with Colour Alchemy has been one of great support and incredible insights, basically mirroring and confirming my ultimate energy in my journey through life. Helen explains in a clear and succinct way with each chosen bottle exactly what that represents for me and in that explanation it allows a softening with an acceptance of one’s path and knowing that I am ultimately in a good place on my journey ~ that in itself is a gift as far as I’m concerned; I will be seeing Helen for as long as I possibly can as these colour bottles create a great sense of peace, calm and trust in the process of life that can sometimes be rather choppy;"

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