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00 Original Source

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

i knew i was meant to bring in opals; they are my favourite and they speak to my soul;

the opal is often overlooked as dull, dowdy, and uninteresting; until the light shines on it and reflects a magnificent beauty with all colours of the rainbow;

and as you might expect, the photos do not do them justice...and as they are all so different, they do not make a neat organised set with one specific colour on top or bottom; they are all unique, but all containing the stunning rainbow shimmer of potential and stardust that is within all of us;

as you see from the photos, they are perfect in their imperfection; the more light you shine on something, the longer shadow it casts; one cannot exist without the other; when you accept that we are all light and shade, good and bad, yin and yang etc, you come into unity and alignment with yourself;

most opals in the world are found in Australia; the opal speaks of prophecy and potential, intuition and good fortune; it links to the feminine loving energy of Mary Magdalene and have also been known the 'eye stone';

people who choose opals usually tend to hide their light under a bushel, hoping to be noticed, for all their many qualities and potential to be seen by others; but often they need to move into the light first;

milky opal over milky opal - this bottle is soft, calm and pure, still and innocent; a prophecy and vision of what will be;

the original source opal is as it suggests - is the seed of pure potential; when i first revealed it to a great friend of mine, she said it looks like sperm; and that's exactly the point; this is potential as yet unrealised;

all the colours of the rainbow are reflected in there - showing hidden depths of huge talent, capability, strength and beauty; but as yet these dreams may not have been brought into reality;

by choosing this bottle, you are ready to bring your desires and wishes into the light, to be reborn, to grow; but you have to fertilise the seed, water it, tend to it, and take steady action in the direction of your dreams to create the thing you most desire; and for every step you take in alignment with your soul, the abundant universe will open up the path to meet you;

original source is infinite, and is telling you that you already have the abundance within you; and life is too short to live it unfulfilled; so come out of the shadows into the light - it's time to reveal your true colours.

"don't die with the music still in you" ~ Wayne Dyer


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