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what happens in a workshop?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

workshops are fun, interactive and all about you!

the workshops are fluid and change depending on the energies of who attends ~ this is an idea of what you can expect;

we explore the energies of the colour bottles you choose throughout the day and what they mean for you in your life right now;

through play, you select bottles for different scenarios which reveal what your higher consciousness is ready to release ~ you see how the picture looks now and get to move and shift these energies around to change your reality reflection to what you desire...

you learn about colour and how it is interwoven into every part of your life; this enables you to become more aware of what it is showing you and how it can help;

playing with the colours on your own and in pairs, you activate your own intuition tuning into what the bottles and colours are revealing, bringing up any insights that may have been stuck or hidden...these often trigger emotional responses which is a sign of a shift...

you get to share with other souls who are on the journey of self discovery to self actualisation;

you resonate with bottles and sprays that all calling you because they have a message for you, your body, your emotions;

by connecting with these bottles you have already agreed at a deep or higher level that you are ready to begin the process of clearing that frequency or stuck e-motion;

this is a fun experience, enlightening and at times emotional - which is great because it means you having a release!

"I attended Helen's colour alchemy workshop to gain some insight in to how the colours help with our frequency and ultimately holistic health.

It was such a fun workshop. Very much experiential and interactive. I particularly enjoyed the part where we created our own garden. I learnt so much, would thoroughly recommend, thank you Helen!" ~ Karen, Surrey


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