02 Lemuria's Legacy

mystical milky opal over rainbow turquoise harks back to the time of the downfall of Lemuria, the land of Lemurs;

legend has it that there could have been a battle for control between Lemuria and Atlantis - but Lemurians were not fighters and concerned only with protection; they were known as angels of the sea:

Lemuria sank under the oceans when catastrophes such as earthquakes and volanos ravaged the earth; and as Lemuria perished, leaving all the portals and cities for the taking, Atlantis, a new civilisation at the time survived; inherited all that the lemurians had created;

all the information passed down to earth was stored in the waters of the world; this bottle encourages you to release the frozen emotions that no longer serve you;

there is only 'now' so its time to release old unshed tears and heal the wounded child with the turquoise high heart frequency; feel to heal and let it go;

this brings you to a state of trust and flow, where you can then tap into the information stored effortlessly; the whales and dolphins were gifted all the knowledge of the akashic records, and so can you when you let go, trust and go with the flow;

its ok to feel, and its ok to cry; in fact its essential to healing the body of old stuck emotions - which is only ever energy in motion; the milky opal comforts with purity and innocence - it cloaks you with compassion and non judgement as you expunge ancient wounds to be washed and cleansed and released back into the waters of time;

this bottle links to prophecy and story telling, myth and legend; mass media and the internet, so you maybe drawn to write or create or work with communicaton technology, if you do not already; when you let go of control, especially control of your emotions, life will become unstuck and you will experience changes unfolding with ease and grace and your creativity blossom.