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05 Dawning of Aquarius

this bottle is full of optimism and hope with new shoots springing up everywhere as the seeds of change have slowly started to sprout in the age of Aquarius; the old 3D earth is devolving and dissolving back into the ether and neutral energy;

those souls who have chosen to evolve out of duality and separation are already beginning to live and breathe the love and peace frequencies of the 5D new earth;

families of frequency (i love Pam Gregory) are joining up across the lands to create a new way of living and being and loving; in harmony with mother Gaia and the natural laws of the universe;

there is no room for deception, destruction, division and ego tyranny in this new world anymore;

the artificial AI and pharma reliant NWO is crumbling while the new feminine balanced, creative world pushes up through the debris;

if you have chosen this bottle, you are ready to open your high heart chakra, feel all those stuck and controlled feelings and release the tears; when you release control and trust in the divine flow of nature and the universal law of attraction, only good can prevail;

your heart beats in sync with the lands, the seas and the natural world that you are ready to do your part;

the sparkly olive blanketed underneath is ready to release any suppressed anger and bring forth magic into the creation process; feminine power combined with Aquarian high heart space signifies a positive new beginning for you and new earth; this is the transcendant heart.


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