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08 Totem, Tribe

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

this beautiful ruby rose over milky opal bottle connects you with your ancestral lineage;

it reminds you that you are not only clearing old patterning and struggles for yourself but for your family line going back generations; all the blood, sweat and tears that your forefathers suffered through;

remember at a soul level they chose their path and you chose yours; and you elected to be here now at this time of mass awakening, with access to all the tools to assist you in this process, which they lacked;

this ruby rose in the top fraction reminds you that the hurts and the frustrations with family, which may be happening now, are only ever to serve you in waking up to your complete self;

over many lifetimes we have all explored the human experience of being perpetrator and victim, so whichever you are experiencing this time around it is time to release the judgement around this and just be;

you have carried these emotional wounds for the longest time, now you have the opportunity to feel and release one last time; connecting to the 8th soul star chakra, this is the bridge between the past and present and says you can release old suffering and claim all the wisdom and knowledge inherently passed down to you;

the milky opal in the bottom is waiting quietly and patiently to express your pure potential free from the burdens of the past and of your tribe; for you to express your unique light out in the world;


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