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Heart of the Forest ~ a special roller bottle blend!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

i have created some special roller ball bottle blends which i love and hope you do too...

i use only the highest quality essential oils and quite a concentrated amount so you don't need much, but they are rather addictive!

the individual oils have many helpful properties so can help with multiple conditions; i have selected my favourite combinations here;

please check for any contraindications before use;

Heart of the Forest

combining woody and tree scents with some earthy grounding oils, this blend takes you straight into the heart of the forest;

here you can breathe in nature and ground yourself in safety, helping to relieve anxiety and open up the chest and lungs; this blend links into the green heart chakra assisting you to open the heart space, breathe in nature and calm and feel peacefully grounded in the now moment;

it's no coincidence that h e a r t = e a r t h

ingredients - cedarwood, black spruce, douglas fir, pine needle, vetiver, benzoin, patchouli and frankinsence; base oil is very light apricot kernel;

i connect this blend to the colour mirrors bottle -

the hermit

pale green / deep green

this bottle relates to the hermit in the tarot and is about badly needing your own space and boundaries; it indicates that you are overwhelmed with life's responsibilities and need time out to rest and reflect; when life has presented you with challenges, it helps you stop and go within so that you can integrate the lessons you have learned; this bottle is about being able to function at the deepest levels from your heart, in the sense of making a difference in the world; if this gift is blocked or unexpressed, however, it could easily turn into martyrdom; learn to be at peace in your own space rather than craving what others appear to have; no one has more than you; green relates to the earth as well as the human heart chakra; as you heal your heart, you heal the earth; you have a deep connection with the earth and the devic realms; everything you touch will grow.

£20 donation for goods per bottle plus £5 postage, or £35 for two.


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