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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

After a double dose of Awakening potential in 2020 ~ 2021 is all about Power...

20 Awakening plus 21 The Key = 5 Mercury

The Awakening bottle is Magenta over Copper so this is all about clearing Guilt in the Magenta and Judgement in the Copper.

Guilt is a big misunderstanding as it is an emotion which serves no purpose except to harm the self and keep you small. 'I'm a bad person because...' gives away your power and punishes the self. When you release this feeling - you connect with your Divine self and the divine unconditional love and acceptance of the self and therefore others.

Judgement of others only ever stems from a judgement of the self mirrored back to us. When you judge something or someone you lock all other emotions in place, so cannot come into wholeness and unity with your self - so feel incomplete, and separate from your self and therefore others.

2020 was a year of separation and division - which is an individuals inner conflict playing out externally in their reality reflection. And as a collective - it is coming up strongly for humanity to clear en masse so they may awaken to their own divinity and become fully grounded in themselves and on earth at this point in time.

The 21 bottle is The Key which is Gold over Yellow is all about power ~ Authentic power in the Gold and Ego power in the Yellow. So in the outer reflection people may see all forms of power playing out in their reflection. Abuse of power, power struggles, fear of being visible and in their power and keeping oneself small even though they have wisdom and knowledge to share. Fear in the Yellow is the opposite of Love, so if one is in fear one cannot feel connected to Love.

All the negative emotions - which are just energy in motion - are coming up to be cleared. If you choose to ignore, deny or suppress any negative emotions coming up for you, you will remain separated from the self, as in the negative of bottle 20, and unable to come into your own power and feel the Joy that the Yellow brings and the ability to manifest your Gold.

So 2021 brings challenges as opportunities again ~ As we all have free will, it is up to you how you choose to process your feelings.

The number 5 Mercury bottle which comes from 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5 is all about communication. Mercury is the planet of communication and movement. It's time for honest communication, to take off the mask you hide behind and drop any pretence as the only person you are fooling is yourself.

We grow up learning roles to play, within the family, within friendship and work groups and society, generally with the aim of keeping the peace and fitting in. Now we are being shown that it is time to be honest with yourself and others and this leads to movement and change.

G20 Abode of Bliss, G21 The Beloved and G5 Ancient Mother

Once cleared, the energies of 2021 become enlightened.

Clearing any last traces of feelings of persecution and sibling rivalry in G20 - which is only ever about comparing yourself to others, we can welcome a new peace for humanity.

Clearing feelings of resistance to being loved in G21 and trying so hard to do the right thing, we can accept that we are love.

And in G5 we can let go of any feelings and judgement of being abused and fully connect to our own authentic power in this life with grounded wholeness.

So watch for and welcome any triggers that come up for you as opportunities for clearing old stuff so you can come into peace and wholeness with your self, which will bring into Joy in the Yellow so you may feel your Worth in the Gold and show this to the world.


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