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Contra-indications for essential oils - what are they?

contra means opposite or against plus indicated - so indicated against i.e not recommended for certain conditions;

essential oils are extracted from the essence of plants, flowers and herbs so they are highly concentrated and therefore may disagree with some people or have a negative effect on them;

in the pharmaceutical industry, the active part of a plant is harvested in a concentrated way and used for specific illnesses/conditions - but - they leave behind all the other components of the plant that make up the whole... this is why there are so many side effects with drugs;

with aromatherapy, the whole plant/flower/herb is used so literally providing an holistic remedy to the user; as nature intended; this means little or no side effects;

if you have a reaction to an oil - it generally may be down to the oils potency or the sensitivities you have, or pre-existing conditions or illnesses you suffer from; it is very important for the user to take responsibility and check for any possible contraindications before using a particular oil;

the following conditions require extra caution and you should avoid some essential oils if suffering from the following:


*sensitive Skin

*high Blood Pressure


*pre existing medical condition

internal use is not generally recommended, although the french did it and some oils like herbs and fruits work very well in food; usually it is the practitioner or supplier having to 'cover themselves' so as a rule - you are advised not to ingest essential oils;

here is a basic list of oils to be aware of for contraindications - it is not complete so it is essential for you to check your personal needs/conditions before use;

*citrus oils are phototoxic so do not use when exposing skin to sunlight

*rosemary, red thyme, pine, rosemary, sage raise blood pressure so do not use if you have high blood pressure

*marjoram lowers blood pressure so do not use if you have low blood pressure

*some oils can cause skin irritations - check

*Clary Sage has a euphoric effect so do not drive, drink when using

*geranium - do not use if hypoglycemic (blood sugar levels)

*juniper - do not use if kidney problems

*most oils are not recommended if pregnant - check

*rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, fennel, sage – use extreme caution if suffering from epilepsy

so always check - use your own judgement and discernment with using these powerful oils, but enjoy!

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