How your Colour Bottles or Sprays Communicate with You

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

From the moment your colour bottle or spray chooses you, you are exchanging energies with it.

You can choose to indulge in a relaxing bath soaking up and absorbing all the beautiful energy frequencies of the colour directly into your skin, organs, cells and DNA. Or you may choose to just be with the bottle on display to enjoy the beautiful colours by eye.

But often the colours talk to you.

The Tower How this one changed

The colour drains from one half of the bottle, leaving it clear in that fraction or even with a different colour. Or something appears in the bottle. Or the colour may fizz, bubble or go cloudy to get you to notice them.

This is a sign for you to take action ~ your bottle is telling you that you need that frequency to help you clear on some underlying patterning indicated by the bottle meaning.

Occasionally, the bottles will break or smash or you accidentally knock it over and spill the contents. These are all signs that you got the message and are clearing on the frequency in a big way.

If a bottle breaks in the post, this also means that you have cleared on that energy and are ready to move on. If this bothers you, then you are likely running the poverty consciousness program on some level.

So keep an eye on the bottles and see what they are telling you!

"As you live deeper in the Heart, the mirror gets clearer and cleaner." ~ Rumi.

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