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How can Colour work in Business?

Colour Mirrors works with everyone at all levels.

Whether you are an individual seeking personal truths and growth, a family, a group of friends or in business, Colour Mirrors can help illuminate and reveal what's under the surface of issues.

You may be interested in looking at branding colours of your business so you give the right message, energy and frequency out to potential customers or clients.

You may be a director of your own company, or a management team seeking to explore the dynamics between your different ideas, work styles or decision making processes.

You may want to roll out sessions to your teams to explore dynamics and /or issues or even just have blue sky thinking sessions. Colour Mirrors can also provide enjoyable and fun team building exercises.

The colours can be used to investigate specific issues regarding your business work or general themes. Whatever you want to tune into.

I can tailor an interactive session in person (under usual circumstances) or online, for 1 person up to 10 or 12, and for a time period that suits the purpose of the session.

In my corporate past life I used to train, coach and mentor individuals and teams, often incorporating Myers Briggs into team/group sessions.

If you have a progressive forward thinking mindset to business and understand that your customer is the boss and that your success lies in your people, then you will find that Colour Mirrors is a most Joyful and Fun way to explore work dynamics, from top down.

Contact me to find out more and discuss the endless possibilities of how Colours can benefit your business.

"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." ~ Audre Lorde


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