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07 Hummingbird

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

the hummingbird is very special to me as you see from my logo, and it was perfect to have a bottle to represent this too;

the green of the heart space shimmers with all the colours of the rainbow in the light; the heart expands and illuminates with all pure potentiality, breathing in peace from reliability of nature and its seasons;

the lilac connects you to your spiritual self and your own corona/crown where you are in your power, fully connected to yourself in the now moment;

the hummingbird frequency of colours allows you to live in your heart space in your power and to enjoy the nectar of life right now; flitting from flower to flower fertilising your dreams through joy;

the irridescence of the hummingbird reflects all colours of the rainbow showing that, like the magician, you have all the tools you will ever need within you to create your own blissful reality, by opening your heart and owning your power right here, right now;

despite their diminuitive size, hummingbirds are very territorial setting clear boundaries of what they will accept and who they allow into their space; they defend their young as fiercely as any bird of prey;

they also have one of the largest brains for their size so are never to be underestimated; a common trait with 'opal people' is the tendency of others to underestimate them and it is of course, because they underestimate themselves, hiding their gifts, abilities and talents from the light; hummingbird shows you to be fearless and just get out there amongst the nectar and enjoy;

the hummingbird flutters its wings in a figure of 8 up to 120 times per second, this allows this most beautiful of birds to appear as if it is motionless; the 8 is the symbol of infinity demonstrates that everything is possible when you take a leap of faith and just fly.


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