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Is Your Body Trying To Tell You Something???

When we bury or hide emotional hurts and traumas, rather than releasing them, they get stuck in the body and if ignored long enough will manifest in one way or another. This could be anything from a temporary condition, to acute pain or illness to a chronic dis-ease. Even a temporary condition such as a headache or a skin rash is trying to tell you that you are ignoring an emotion. It is a negative energy field ~ this is the emotional pain body.

Since childhood, one may have suppressed many emotions. In a deeply unhappy person, their body may be suffering much of the time, or a physical 'reaction' may be triggered anytime in the body after many years of negative emotions being suppressed. The pain body may manifest as illness, but also as negative behaviour. Anything from a whining child to a violent adult, to a person who is suicidal.

One may become a perpetrator or a victim, neither of which are positive. The aim is to come back into alignment or unity with yourself. The pain-body is the dark shadow cast by the ego and is actually afraid of the light of your consciousness.

"Each one of us has a three-year-old child within us, and we often spend most of our time yelling at that kid in ourselves. Then we wonder why our lives don’t work." ~ Louise Hay

For example, If you experienced a situation of fear when you were young and did not release this feeling, you will experience more and more situations to trigger more fear in you until you do clear. Or your body will keep storing these increasing feelings until they manifest one way or another in your body or in your life circumstances and situations.

Thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic. So what you feel you send out to the Universe and you receive more of the same emotion back again.

Emotions are energy in motion. There are no new emotions.

If you feel unloved, you send 'unloved' to the Universe and receive more situations to make you feel 'unloved'. If you feel afraid, you send fear to the Universe and you will receive more situations to make you afraid. If you are not aware, you will invariably auto-respond to these events and situations in the same way you always have again and again until the situations get so bad that you have a wake up call or your body manifests an illness or condition that makes you pay attention...

After many years working in the corporate world under pressure of performance targets, along with toxic personal relationships, and where I had suppressed and ignored the inner signs, my body gave me an almighty warning. One day, out of the blue, I had a stroke. Even with all my years of spiritual studies and personal growth, I was being made to stop, take stock and finally acknowledge that I needed to do the shadow work so that I may be true to myself and be of service.

Our path on this planet is to evolve, so as a soul you have contracted into your specific life to have all your experiences, which are designed to help you clear on the very things that hold you back. Once you clear the negative emotions and no longer feel fear, or unloved or poverty consciousness etc etc, your energy field, including your body, mind and emotions will respond positively and your world reflection will change for the better.

Your perception is your reality and if you want to change it, you have the power to do so. By clearing out the old shadow self, and realising you are all powerful, you can clear negative patterns of behaviour, unhappy situations, and physical pain and illness.

Colour Mirrors can help you clear the things that you have kept buried, without necessarily having to 'go there'.

"Feelings are thoughts in motion in the body. And a thought can be changed." ~ Louise Hay


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