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natural first aid kit essentials

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

in holistic practice, i will always reach for a natural remedy before chemical filled pharmaceuticals

nature always provides a remedy nearby and often it is cheap and accessible... think nettle and doc leaf

here is a list of essentials for a truly natural first aid kit ~ these remedies help much much more than listed here, but i have listed the benefits more specific to first aid;

it is always up to you to research each remedy and learn more before using and adding to your kit;

* homeopathy kit ~ a basic homeopathy kit is essential to assist all sorts of conditions and ailments; i recommend the Ainsworths kit of 42 remedies, or Helios

* arnica cream or homeopathy tabs ~ bruises, analgesic so pain killing, reduces inflammation, skin care to name a few

* aloe vera ~ soothes burns, assists all skin conditions, aids digestion

* lavender ~ wound healing, scars, assists all skin conditions, reduces inflammation

* tea tree ~ antis-ceptic, anti fungal anti viral - very cleansing so good for wound cleansing and healing - use with caution as strong

* manuka or local honey ~ powerful wound healer

*colloidal silver ~ antimicrobial properties, aids wound healing

*witch hazel ~ reduces inflammation and skin irritation

*activated charcoal ~ poison treatment, digestive cleanser

*ginger ~ nausea, sea sickness, morning sickness, digestive tonic, assists reduce menstrual pain

* baking soda ~ heartburn, relieves itchy skin (great to assist body getting into an alkaline state where disease cannot thrive)

* clove ~ toothache

* apple cider vinegar ~ internal 'cleanser', kills bacteria

* epsom salts ~ essentially magnesium so a pain reliever, alleviates pain and swelling

* magnesium ~ anti inflammatory, may prevent migraines, pain relief, supports functionality of all cells

* himalayan salts ~ assists in detoxing the body

* coconut oil ~ antimicrobial, may help reduce seizures

* turmeric ~ anti inflammatory, may assist pain relief in toothache

* probiotics ~ helps ease diarrhea, digestive aid

* clay, eg bentonite clay ~ kills harmfull bacteria and viruses, helps wound healing

* vitamin C ~ helps lower uric acid levels so gout attacks, aid to manage blood pressure,

* blueberries (especially frozen) ~ high in antioxidants which protect your body from free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage your cells and contribute to aging and diseases

* calendula ~ eases rashes, wounds, infections, and inflammation, it is believed that calendula contains chemicals that encourage new tissue growth

*coriander ~ may assist heal food infections, and the best for heavy metal detox

* vodka ~ wound cleansing

* foot baths ~ epsom salts, bentonite clay, borax, baking soda, lavender, apple cider vinegar eg for half hour to 1 hour

these are a great way to detox the body if you have no bath, or time for one; the feet contain 72,000 nerve endings and the skin is porous like a tea bag so the feet will absorb all the benefits of the foot soak;


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