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Opal Alchemy spray

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

my special rose gold opal spray for feminine sovereignty

rose gold is made up of gold and copper;

the gold is your enlightened solar plexus - your connection to divine wisdom and ancient innate knowledge;

the copper connects you to the earth star chakra beneath your feet - grounding you safely in your body to fully soak up the experience of being human;

while you are aligned in your body is when you can manifest consciously all your dreams and desires;

the opal has sparkles of all colours of the rainbow showing your true potential is all inside of you, waiting to burst out;

the rose gold frequency carries the vibration of Mary Magdelene with a message of pure unconditional, non judgemental love... the only power that truly can move mountains and create magic is love;

the feminine energy is returning to earth now to redress the balance of power that has been so out of kilter for so many years;

scented with frequencies of Gabriel - a soft comforting powdery smell which is the gateway to change and assists in releasing any resistance; and Magic - which is the magical scent of figs and childhood taking you into the divine feminine with love for a fresh new beginning;

spray this into the palms of your hands and waft it over your electro - magnetic field around your head and take in the frequencies deep into your body, bestowing the gift of sovereignty to yourself right now.


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