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"Reclaim Your Sovereignty" special digestive aromatherapy blend

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

"Reclaim Your Sovereignty" special aromatherapy blend

ingredients - lemon, grapefruit, orange, bergamot, juniper, patchouli, vetiver, ylang ylang and sweet fennel;

base oil is very light apricot kernel;

i have created a special blend aromatherapy roller bottle to assist you in reclaiming your power, which is only ever power to be truly who you are - your authentic self - your sovereign self - to find your gold within;

for anyone who suffers in the solar plexus area - ie the belly and digestion areas - this is your power centre; this is where you digest and process emotions; if you are in fear or have suppressed emotions, you may have 'yellow' solar plexus chakra issues of some kind;

this could be anything from digestive problems, eating disorders, to addiction - where you want to literally block and push down any negative feelings, to avoid feeling, rather than processing them out of your body;

it may be - nervousness and fear - ADHD, ADD, lack of focus, confusion, poor memory, or even mental disconnect; the sovereignty blend has many special ingredients to help ease these feelings; to help you come back to centre and focus on the things rather than escape;

you may suffer from a negative self image and lack of love for yourself, which leads you to abuse food, drink, drugs and therefore yourself; this blend helps uplift you and cleanse out the toxins you have allowed into your body and leave you with a healthy respect for self and an ability to moderate your behaviour;

nb; it is always important to check for contraindications - this oil contains several citrus oils so should not be applied where the skin will be in direct sunlight.

i associate this blend with the colour mirrors bottle -

solar plexus


this bottle is beneficial if you are experiencing fear, anxiety or confusion; it helps with focus when studying and calms your nerves in testing situations such as exams; it is supportive when you are in need of a boost or your spirits are low; this bottle helps you see where you have been giving your personal power away so that you can claim it back.


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