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04 Sacred Space

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

sacred space helps you to set up how you want to be treated; and to learn to enjoy time alone to get creative;

in native american indian culture they learn from a very young age the importance of respect for all mankind, the animal and plant kingdoms and the earth that we share; all nature instinctively knows and respects each others territories and needs;

it is important that you learn to respect yourself and your sacred space also;

Moldavite clears discordant energies around you as well as cleansing and clearing buried emotions allowing you to open your heart safely;

olive is the green of the heart and the yellow of the solar plexus gifting you with hope of fresh new beginnings and clearing old fears around being in your power and setting your truth;

this beautiful opaline moldavite over olive bottle says draw your line in the sand and only welcome guests into your space on your terms; if you do not respect yourself, what message are you sending to the universe?

have a special place that you visit, be it physical or imagined replenishing your cup and learn to enjoy alone time;


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