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The Sacred Space...

Updated: Jan 24

update - i have moved and expanded my personal space - still in the same location, only now the colours are indoors with me - as alfie is demonstrating here...

so long shepherd hut - you served me well - thank you x

I always knew that one of my past lives was a gypsy!

Moved so many times this lifetime and born in a caravan...

A peaceful, private space to have your interactive session with me, be it Colours, or Reiki, Numerology or Tapping.

If you prefer to have a session remotely - the Colours will still communicate and work their Magic as distance makes no difference to energy. And Tapping of course can be done from home. We can Zoom and do everything we would do in person.

I can do distant Reiki too, but it might be nice to get yourself to a place away from the normality of home to really relax and take time out to receive the wonderful powerful energy of Reiki combined with Colours.

Self improvement is a process and a journey to reach health, wealth, enlightenment and JOY. If you have dis-quiet and yearning for some inner peace deep inside you and the colours speak to your soul, or any other methods, then you are ready to embark on that journey.

Just get in touch to find out more!

"Before Enlightenment ~ chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment ~ chop wood, carry water" ~ Zen quote.


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